Starting a Stephens Law Firm

When considering Starting your law firm, one frequently overlooked source of business for your fledgling company is local counsel work. When started my career as a lawyer at a medium sized company, had an idea about what I did be working on. As an example, areas like corporate law, family law, criminal law, estate law, property law, are examples of clinics places that like all lawyers, know because those classes are taught in probably every law school in America. Thus, if you join a law firm in the practice arena, you will most likely work as a lawyer in at least one of these areas. For Instance, the Normal approach to practice law is to have a customer ask you to assist them with their legal issue. A person or thing will come to you and hire you to help them with their business, household, or private legal dilemma. That is the most usual method to work as a lawyer.

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However, 1 surprise that many attorneys find when they begin practicing from law school is that other attorneys and firms often hire attorneys outside their company to be their attorney for a local hearing. This idea is known as local counsel a company in the Jurisdiction you operate in, but that is a long way off such as in another city hires you; or a company outside of your authority and typically in a different state hires you. In these two Situations, lawyers and/or law firms will employ a lawyer to take care of hearings in the courthouse or county in which the initial company has filed its own case. Hiring and outside lawyer allows the hiring Stephens Law Firm to have a lawyer within a court-house that is far-far from the hiring company’s office. It would be too expensive to have a 300.00-an-hour lawyer drive from a far away city to attend a small foreclosure hearing.

So, the law firm that originated the litigation will often hire a lawyer in a lower dollar amount to take care of a simple hearing. Examples of legal Areas in which local counselor work is required are: foreclosures, bankruptcy, and debt collection. Often the hired lawyer will look at a hearing, like a status conference, and document a lawyer look with the court. The lawyer will notify the court that he or she was hired for the use of the local counselor work. A judge will often realize that the law firm who hired the local attorney will handle the actual procedural filing. However, the local counsel lawyer will deal with the minor matter before him or her. 1 thing to bear in mind is that the hired attorney still owes a responsibility to both the court and his client to be diligent and willing if he or she accepts the situation – no matter how small it is.

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