Reasons to love glass stairs handrails

It is not hard to see why glass staircases, particularly glazed side panels, have become so popular in current times. As new-build homes appear to get smaller sized and also smaller sized, and climbing rates compel lots of customers to settle for modestly sized homes, resident are finding innovative ways to reconcile what area they have.

handrails for stairs

Making use of glass rather than timber or metal in your staircase banisters can bring several benefits:


The hallway is usually the darkest part of the house, which is not ideal for making a great impression on visitors. A conventional stairs balustrade, including a handrail and base rail connected by wooden or steel pins also called balusters, will certainly contribute to the gloom by blocking valuable all-natural light. Making use of glass panels as the banister infill will instantaneously lighten up the room by encouraging light to move even more easily.


It is remarkable the means glass can make a space really feel so much larger. A transparent balustrade provides little or no barrier to the eye, boosting the sense of area. This is particularly beneficial for stairs located in a living or dining room, as clear panels make the framework seem less obtrusive.


Glass is much favoured by interior developers right now, and will fit almost any kind of age of building. It can boost the feel and look of a modern-day home, boosting its modern qualifications and bringing it abuse to date. At the other end of the age scale, glass can offer an intriguing twist to a period residence. A dark home with beamed ceilings and also tiny home windows, for instance, can be illuminated and made more enticing by replacing solid wooden balusters with light-enhancing glass panels.

Which type of glass should you pick?

Good quality polished panels must be made from toughened safety glass at least 8mm, and ideally 10mm, thick. Huge single panels will certainly produce one of the most effects and also permit maximum light flow. These typically have to be made to norme escalier – reglementation garde corps, so be prepared to wait a bit longer and also pay a little bit more than for conventional sizes. Installment can be made complex, and is finest entrusted to experts. Tiny panels are much less showy, yet more flexible and also typically the most effective option for unpleasant layouts. They can also be integrated with wooden or metal spindles if desired.

 How is the glass fitted?

Relying on the staircase layout and individual taste, you can usually choose whether to take care of the panels to the balustrade with metal clamps either on top and lower or at each side or slot them into pre-cut grooves in the handrail and also base rail.

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