How to Get a Domestic Helper Visa Hong Kong?

The immigration policies Instituted by the authorities of the Hong Kong for the Tier 4 Student Visa has made entry difficult for foreign nationals wishing to work by means of their student visa. To qualify for entry under One, a student visa ought to receive a score of 40 points for your application. The HK Border Agency awards 30 points If you’re accepted to a class in an institution included in Tier 4’s roster registered patrons. The documentary evidence you will need to submit to maintain the 30 points is your Confirmation of Acceptance for Research (CAS) reference number, which is given to you by your education provider.

Domestic helper visa uk

Publicly funded educational Schools, universities and institutions are among those associations. The Hong Kong immigration has committed to think of a rigorous and quick system that private institutions can qualify for the status soon for bno renew. In as much as students under the Tier 4 visa can anticipate access applicants have in order to present proof themselves while in the Hong Kong and they’re financially able to support their research. Either a certificate of capacity or a bank statement is the evidence a student must present to maintain the 10 points for the requirement.

You may lodge your application Tier 4 Student Visa with through an application or a paper application. In any event, you would have to fill out the self-assessment form given in one of the appendices in which you must present the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies reference amount to be supplied by the educational institution domestic helper visa Hk, and the certificate that you have the needed amount of maintenance depending on the amount of your class and the location of this educational institution.

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