Office Address

PO Box 4087

Tel: (02) 8004 9873 if calling from Australia
Tel: (04)   887 0300 if calling from New Zealand

Fax: (02) 9012 0546


Office Address

PO Box 4087

Tel: (02) 8004 9873 if calling from Australia
Tel: (04)   887 0300 if calling from New Zealand

Fax: (02) 9012 0546

  • ANZAP Office Address

  • ANZAP Office Address



4 November 2017
9.30 am - 12.30 pm


Responsibility, Blame and Forgiveness in

the Clinical Setting


Dr Hanna Pickard (streaming live from the UK)
Phillip Graham

Sydney University New Law School Annexe 340

Registration to be opened shortly


An Introduction to the Conversational Model of Psychotherapy

Saturday, 21 October

2.30 - 4.30 pm

NSWIPP Premises

123A Mitchell Street (Cnr Derwent St)


Our Introductory workshop will introduce the main elements of the Conversational Model and is highly recommended for anyone who is considering applying to commence training with us.

Click on this link to register:


Ethics Procedures

Procedures for Ethical Compliance

One of the objectives of ANZAP (Objective 2.2 of the ANZAP constitution) is to promote, encourage and develop the highest theoretical, practical and ethical standards in the practice of psychotherapy.

The Ethics Committee of ANZAP is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the ethical standards applying in the code of ethics. Members by their membership of ANZAP are bound by the constitution of ANZAP and the codes resulting from that.

Members who have any concerns about the application of the ANZAP Code of Ethics to their work or practice are encouraged to contact the ethics committee for assistance and clarification. The ethics committee can be contacted at ethics @


Complaints and Ethical Inquiries.

Clients and patients of members of ANZAP and relevant members of the public may lodge a complaint about any member of ANZAP or any committee of ANZAP where they believe that a breach of the code of conduct has occurred.

Complainants are encouraged to consider:

  • Discussing the matter with the therapist or relevant person and seek resolution with them in the first instance unless there are reasons why this does not seem safe or appropriate.
  • Note that ANZAP is not a regulatory body and does not have the power to prevent a therapist from practising. Where a serious breach of the general ethical standards applying to all health and allied health practitioners has occurred, complainants are encouraged to consider contacting the relevant national registration body or the relevant state health compliance body in the first instance. Where the ethics committee considers that a complaint should be referred to such a body, we are obligated to do so.
  • The ethics committee can advise complainants of the appropriate relevant regulatory body with which a complaint can be lodged.

Where a person does not believe that they can resolve the matter with the therapist or relevant members, the ANZAP ethics committee will hear complaints about members in relation to the ANZAP code of ethics.

Ethics complaints necessarily require careful management to ensure sensitive and effective management of process to achieve a satisfactory outcome. ANZAP has documented procedures to provide a firm but flexible structure to guide the process and ensure that the following principles are applied:

  • The Ethics Committee and related entities manage complaints by maintaining a neutral unbiased stance treating both the complainant and respondent with respect while firmly refusing to pre-judge or take sides in any dispute.
  • ANZAP appoints independent panels to hear complaints and allows for both the respondent and complainant to appeal any finding.
  • The principles of natural justice are scrupulously applied by ensuring that procedural fairness is ‘centre forward’ in the processes followed.
  • Complaints can only be heard in relation to the Code of Ethics applying at the time of the alleged breach or breaches.
  • Complaints can only be heard about current members of ANZAP. (However a member cannot avoid a complaint by resigning during the process. If a member resigns during the process, ANZAP may decide to proceed on the basis of an undisputed complaint and to proceed on the evidence provided if it considers that to do so is in the public interest.)
  • ANZAP will not normally hear complaints older than 5 years. (However where the complaint is of a serious nature, then the Ethics Committee may decide to hear the complaint regardless of the time limitation.)
  • Confidentiality is maintained so that the identities of a complainant and respondent are only revealed to committees and individuals on a ‘need to know basis’.
  • Respect for the integrity of process requires that the defined procedures are followed and only deviated from when absolutely necessary to meet one of the other principles referred to here, or as a result of a need to meet an unforeseen circumstance and then only to the degree necessary.
  • As a matter of respect for the respondent to a complaint they will only be advised of a complaint if the Ethics Committee decides that there is a prima facie case to answer.
  • Any material provided by a complainant in relation to a complaint must be made available to a respondent to a complaint to enable them to respond to the detail of the complaint.
  • As a matter of respect for the complainant, they will be fully apprised of their rights under this process, including appeal rights.
  • The procedures for dealing with complaints outline specific response times which will as far as possible be maintained. However, in order to take account of extenuating circumstances, long holiday periods and other factors that may impact on timeframes, the Ethics Committee may extend all specified timeframes as appropriate to ensure procedural fairness and efficient running of the process.


Lodging a Complaint

If you wish to lodge a complaint about an ANZAP member you may contact the ethics committee via email at ethics @ (please type this address into your email client) to obtain the relevant complaint form. Alternatively you may telephone the ANZAP office and request that a member of the ethics committee contact you to provide you with the relevant information about lodging a complaint.

The ANZAP Complaint form and Information Pack can be downloaded here: ANZAP Complaint Information Pack